How To - Make Romano Toast

How To - Make Romano Toast

Take a loaf of high quality whole wheat bread and cut a few thick slices. Using a pastry brush paint the slices lightly on both sides with olive oil. Use extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil. Grind on some fresh pepper and sprinkle with granulated garlic. Tap with your pastry brush to make sure all the pepper and garlic is covered in oil.

Broil in the oven. Turn over and broil the other side. Broil lightly until just slightly brown. Do not over cook. Grate on Romano cheese. Use one of those small graters that produces almost powder, not big grinds. Use real aged Romano. Place back in the broiler until brown.

It's tempting to buy a container of grated Romano. Don't do this. It's not the same.

Cut into pieces and serve as an appetizer.

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