How To Make The Perfect Martini

How To Make The Perfect Martini

This Martini recipe is designed to avoid the use of ice.

When it comes to a perfect Martini ice is the enemy. It doesn't get things cold enough and it dilutes the Gin.

Take a bottle of your favorite Gin (mine is Bombay Safire) and stick it in the freezer. Not the fridge, the freezer. Leave it overnight to really chill. Don't worry, it will not freeze.

Take a Martini glass and add a small splash of Extra Dry Vermouth. Swish it around the glass and flick out the excess.

Put two olives in the glass. If you don't like olives use your favorite fixings instead. Or no fixings at all.

Pour in the Gin and drink.

The trick is to get the Gin very cold. Hence the freezer. It goes semi-viscous and has a superb palate-feel. There's no need to chill the glass, the Gin is cold enough to do that instantly.

Also works with Vodka.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott