How To - Make Gravy

How To - Make Gravy

Saute some finely chopped garlic in good quality unsalted butter. Cook only until the garlic is soft, then add a bit more butter and a heaped tablespoon of flour. Stir with a wooden spoon. Saute gently on medium to low heat until the flour and garlic mixture bubbles for a few minutes. This cooks the flour.

Now slowly drizzle in your stock, stirring constantly as you do.

The stock can be a packaged stock or fresh from a roast. If you use fresh stock from a roast remove the fat before using the stock. Buy one of those special gizmos to do that. Fatty gravy tastes terrible.

When all the stock is in keep stirring and add some white wine. Then add a few bay leaves and grind in some fresh pepper. Add a pinch of salt. Turn the heat down low and simmer. Don't let the gravy stick to the bottom of the pan or it will get lumpy. Add more wine or stock as needed to keep it nice and runny.

Preheat whatever you serve it in. Don't just pour it into a cold serving container.

Want a darker gravy? Just saute the flour a bit longer until it slightly browns. But be very careful not to let it get too dark or burn. Until you get the hang of this it's probably best to stick with light gravy by cooking the flour briefly.

This technique is more than just gravy. It's the basic technique used in classic French sauces. Master this and you'll always be in demand!

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