How To - Sue For Personal Injury

How To - Sue For Personal Injury

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In law a Personal Injury is an injury to your body, state of mind, or reputation. This covers many situations, so make sure you get a lawyer with experience in your type of injury. Most personal injury lawyers work on a "contingency" basis - which means you don't pay any legal fees unless they win a settlement for you. You can sue for..

Sue for an Accident
This includes car, truck, motorcycle, boat, train, subway, aircraft, bus, mass transit, slip & fall and workplace accidents. Suing for aircraft, subway, bus and mass transit accidents involve suing State and Federal Government agencies.

Sue for Exposure to Hazardous or Toxic Materials
This includes lead poisoning and Asbestos which can cause a type of cancer called Mesothelioma.

Sue for Defamation
Defamation is injury to a person's reputation. There are two types, Libel is written defamation and Slander is spoken defamation.

Sue for Harassment
This includes sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace.

Sue for Negligence
These are accidents caused by failure of others to exercise reasonable care.

Sue for Malpractice
This includes medical malpractice such as suing a doctor, dentist or hospital.

Sue for Defective Products
This is when you are injured by a product, including a medical device or implant.

Sue for Nursing Home Abuse
These cases involve injuries to nursing home patients caused by neglect or inadequate care. Many nursing homes receive Medicaid funding, and so must abide by a government mandated level of care.

Sue for Wrongful Death
This is when a death results from negligence.

Sue for Emotional Distress
This is a personal injury relating to state of mind.

Do you have a case?
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