How To - Market On The Small Screen

How To - Market On The Small Screen

Marketing on the small screen (cellphones) is not just a scaled down version of marketing on the big screen (desktop computers). If you treat it as such you'll miss out.

Here's a few critical points you need to know..

Make Your Website Device Responsive
This is Google's preferred method of delivering a website on a cellphone. Device responsive means you only have one website, but it reformats itself automatically depending on which device your website visitor is using. A device response website is a must.

Don't Forget Click-To-Call Phone Numbers
Make phone numbers click-to-call, and make it obvious to visitors that phone numbers can be clicked.

Consider An App
Cellphone users use apps big time. So depending on your business, consider if you need a cellphone app.

Be Careful How You Use Google AdWords
Remember, on a cellphone AdWords will only run 2 ads above the organics. There are no side ads. So if your ad is not in the top 2 positions it's not seen. Also, make sure you include a click-to-call phone Ad Extension on your ads.

Consider Facebook Advertising
What's the most used app on a cellphone? It's the Facebook mobile app. Facebook has a robust ad platform, so consider using it to get your message on their app. Also consider LinkedIn and Twitter advertising for the same reason. In fact, consider advertising on any app that's appropriate to your business.

Consider How People Use Cellphones
They're not at home relaxing in front of their desktop computer. They're in a rush and expect direct results. They are not going to browse your website to educate themselves on the details of what you offer. They want a fast, simple, up-front solution to their problem. Use click-to-call phone numbers. If you must to use a form keep it simple and short.

Don't Underestimate The Small Screen
Many of my clients are now seeing about 50% of their website traffic coming from cellphones!

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott