How To - Make the Most of Mobile

How To - Make the Most of Mobile

The browser/website is no longer king. Why?

Many people now access web services using cellphone Apps. Next time you check your website analytics be aware that many Apps do not provide referrer data. Result? This huge traffic source is invisible in your regular analytics. But Mobile is very real.

The Facebook Mobile App is hugely popular, so if you run paid ads on Facebook be aware that you will have difficulty seeing this traffic in your analytics. To test its quality build a dedicated page on your website just for this traffic. Then look at you analytics by page. Once you're confident the traffic quality is good you can send it anywhere on your site.

Also, use click-to-call phone numbers where you can in your ads. Many people just click to place a call and don't even go to your website.

Yes, marketing in a mobile environment really is very different!

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott