How To - Sell a Rolex and Get Cash on the Spot

How To - Sell a Rolex and Get Cash on the Spot

I have a Rolex Watch from the early 1980's. I thought about listing it on CraigsList. I've had great success selling on Craigslist, but I'm not comfortable using it for high ticket items. So I stopped by my local Rolex dealer. They said they buy back used watches, but they do it through Circa. Turns out that Circa is a massive international outfit for purchasing used jewelry.

So I have an appointment with them. If I accept their valuation I get a check on the spot.

I know what I want for my watch, so let's see what they offer. I'll post the results here.

Circa Jewels Circa

UPDATE - Circa was good, I walked in without an appointment and got an appraisal within 5 minutes. They found a couple of things wrong with my watch and offered me $900 on the spot. I passed, but will probably return after I've had a chance verify the problems they found.

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