How To - Advertise a Retail Store on Google

How To - Advertise a Retail Store on Google

Google has two advertising platforms, Google AdWords Express and Google AdWords. They may sound similar but they're very different. Google AdWords Express is much simpler and is designed for local businesses, so if you're a retail store with a modest budget this is the one you need. However, if you have a larger budget and want to show on specific keywords then Google AdWords is the platform for you. Of course, for maximum impact you can use both. Here's the scoop..

1) The "gateway" to all Google services is Google Gmail, so first sign up for this and get a gmail address. This is your "Google Account".

2) Login to your Google Account and list your retail store on Google My Business (free). This will ensure you show up on Google Maps.

3) Then sign up for Google AdWords Express and run your ads.

4) Sign up for Google AdWords if you want exposure on specific keywords critical to your business. But Google AdWords is much more complex than Google AdWords Express and unless setup and optimized correctly it's very easy to waste your budget.

Google advertising is pay per click (PPC) which means Google does not charge when they show your ad, they only charge when someone clicks on your ad.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott