How To - Become an Egg Donor

How To - Become an Egg Donor

Here's a quick guide to egg donation in the United States..

Do egg donors sell eggs?
No. Egg donors donate eggs and get compensated for their time and effort.

How much is the compensation?
Egg donors receive about $5,000 - $10,000 per donation depending on the egg donor program. Some programs pay up to $40,000 per donation for special requirement donors. Donors can donate up to 6 times. Egg donors are paid in full immediately after egg retrieval. In addition to this compensation many egg donor programs also pay donor expenses such as travel and hotel expenses.

What are the requirements?
Egg donor programs describe their ideal egg donor as a healthy college educated woman between the ages of 21 and 30, of any ethnic background, not adopted (because genetic history needs to be known), a non-smoker, free of hereditary disease, and with the maturity and responsibility to handle the egg donation process. Also, many egg donor programs have BMI (body mass index) requirements.

Is egg donation fast?
No. Prospective egg donors are first screened medically and psychologically. Then the egg donation cycle involves taking medications and lasts about 20 days. The egg retrieval process does not involve surgery but is performed under general anesthetic.

Does an egg donor meet the egg recipient?
Not unless they want to. If the donor elects anonymous egg donation they will never meet or know the egg recipient.

How do you apply?
Contact a fertility clinic or egg donation agency near you. Just Google fertility clinic or egg donation.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott