How To - Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Recruiters

How To - Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Recruiters

Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. Here's how to make sure they find you..

Find some keywords
Find keywords that describe your skills and the job you’re looking for. These can be from a job description or from your resume. These are the keywords that a hiring manager would use when they search on LinkedIn for candidates. We’re going to make sure the candidate they find is you! This is a very important step, so take some time to find the right keywords. You don’t need many, 4 or 5 is plenty.

Check your position in searches
Do a LinkedIn search on each of your keywords and see if you show up at the top. Chances are you don’t. Here’s how you fix that..

Edit your LinkedIn Profile
Make these important changes..

The photo should be you only, it should be an up-close head and shoulders shot. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately and smile.

This is the text immediately below your name. Write a short headline that contains your keywords. Keep it factual and do NOT mention you’re looking for a job.

This is immediately below the headline. Complete it accurately, and also add the “industry” field with the industry you’re interested in.

Complete this with a description of your experience and skills. Keep it SHORT, but be sure to use your keywords, and do NOT mention you’re looking for a job.

Complete this accurately.

This is important because it's the place where people will endorse you, and endorsements look good. Just list a few skills, and make sure you include your keywords.

List the jobs you’ve held. Keep it accurate. This is NOT a copy of your resume, it’s very different. Make sure the title of each job contains your keywords, you’ll probably need to write new keyword rich titles. Keep the job description SHORT and keyword rich, and stress any achievements. Do NOT just copy this from your resume. It needs to be MUCH shorter.

This section is critical for boosting you to the top of LinkedIn searches! A “project” is any piece of work you’ve done no matter how long it took - it may have been only a few hours. You should be able to think of several projects. You’re going to need a few. Now add each project. The title should be keyword rich using your list of keywords. The description of each project should be SHORT but accurate, stressing your skills, and of course including your keywords.

Re-check your position in searches
Now do a LinkedIn search on each of your keywords again. You should see yourself ranking higher. But if you don't the solution is easy - just add more Projects until you see yourself show up. The Projects section is the key!

Build your network
Use all the resources LinkedIn provides to build your network. Also become active by joining some groups that are relevant to your field - and then contribute comments and posts to the group. People will spot you and send invites to connect - accept them. Search and find a few headhunters in your field and send them invites to connect! If you want to build your network FAST send me an invite to connect - I have a massive LinkedIn Network which will then become part of yours. Here’s my LinkedIn Profile where you can invite me to connect.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott