How To - Optimize AdWords Ads

How To - Optimize AdWords Ads

There are two reasons to optimize your Google AdWords text ads - they perform better and cost less. There's a lot involved in AdWords optimization, but here are the 3 most critical points..

1) First optimize your website destination page - this is the page where people go when they click your ad. Make sure the Title Tag is focused on the page topic and contains your critical keyword. Make sure the page content focuses on just one topic and contains your critical keywords.

2) Now you're ready to optimize your ad. Make sure your critical keyword comes first in the ad headline - and put the action you want second. For example: if your want donations for cancer research a good headline is "Cancer Research - Donate". The first line of the ad (the line after the headline) should explain a bit more, and the last line of your ad should be a call to action.

3) Use a very small focused group of keywords.

Google will scan your ad and the destination page in order to measure "quality" - and that is a key factor in ad rank.

ADVANCED TIP: Make sure the first line of your ad (the line after the headline) ends with a period. Few people know this tick. Just email me if you're interested in the reason why.

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Content written and posted by Ken Abbott