How To - Cut Back on Alcohol

How To - Cut Back on Alcohol

The first step is simply to know how much you're drinking. It's almost certainly not what you think. Here's the scoop..

Alcohol and Calorie Content of Drinks

The Standard Drink

A Standard Drink is defined as a drink that needs one hour for its alcohol content to be metabolized.

So here's what you're drinking in terms of a Standard Drink..

80 Proof Liquor (40% Alcohol by volume)

“Bottle” 750ml - 17 Standard Drinks - 1,640 Calories.
“½ Bottle” 375ml - 8.5 Standard Drinks
“Martini” 200ml - 4.5 Standard Drinks - 437 Calories.
“Miniature” 50ml - 1.1 Standard Drinks

Wine (13% Alcohol by volume)

“Bottle” 750ml - 5.5 Standard Drinks - 635 Calories.
“½ Bottle” 375ml - 2.7 Standard Drinks
“Big Glass” (10 fluid ounces) - 2 Standard Drinks
“Standard Glass” (5 fluid ounces) - 1 Standard Drink

Beer (5% Alcohol by volume)

“Pint” (16 fluid ounces) - 1.2 Standard Drinks
“Bottle” (12 fluid ounces) - 1 Standard Drink - Between 64 and 300 Calories depending on brand.

Notice that a 12 fluid ounce bottle of beer is a standard drink, but even a miniature of 80 proof liquor is more than one standard drink.

The big shocker A single Martini is 4.5 standard drinks and 437 Calories. So if you knock back just 2 Martinis you've had 9 drinks and 874 Calories.

Content written and posted by Ken Abbott